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Awkward 2:
The Party Game of Savage Secrets

Come, one and all, to this strange and mysterious show!

Awkward 2 is the adult multiplayer party game filled with dark, hilarious & sometimes downright disturbing questions. Laugh, debate, defend and find out things you never wanted to know about your friends and Twitch viewers!

  • Awkward 2: The Party Game of Savage Secrets
  • Developer: Snap Finger Click
  • Publisher: Snap Finger Click

Enter Wick’s wicked world where he’ll put you through your paces to escape his monstrous gameshow. Take on six savage rounds, each introducing a completely new merciless challenge guaranteed to give you and your friends a game night to remember. Only those who are worthy will make it out with their soul…


Using only emoji, how would you react to a pubic hair on your pizza? Who would you rather date, someone who looks like your mother or someone who looks like your sister? What number would you say is the percentage chance that the person you think is your biological father is really your biological father?

Every game reveals surprising secrets about your friends you wish you hadn’t found out.


Win coins as you play to unlock a new egg of destiny. What will be inside? An avatar? A new way to play? Some behind-the-scenes artwork? Collect the coins, earn the eggs - you gotta hatch them all!


Made to be played on Twitch, you can play the Twitch mode where viewers can join in through the chat. Lots of streamer-friendly features let you play the way you and your audience want.