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  • James House, 2 Brunswick Terrace, Brighton, BN3 1HN, United Kingdom

Play Games Together. Creating fun experiences for people to play together is our passion. Curious?

We're Snap Finger Click

Based in Brighton, England, Snap Finger Click is a multi award winning company founded in 2015 by Martijn van der Meulen and Ed Gladwin. The studio is 100% self-funded and has never had any external investment, it started at Martijn's dining room table and rapidly grew to a team residing in their office inside a historical regency building on Brighton's seafront. Ed and Martijn originally met many years ago when they worked together at Sony PlayStation. Each with a long track record in the industry, they set out to build a studio with a long term mission: create the next blockbuster party game franchise.

The original team at Snap Finger Click largely consisted of people who originally worked on the BAFTA-winning Buzz!™ quiz franchise, and since then the team has expanded with more people that have a drive to create great games that can be played by everyone. The studio's design direction is led by Joanna Haslam and the studio's technical direction is led by Adam Mamoany who both previously worked on Buzz!™ and have well over a decade of experience building multiplayer party games. We care deeply about building original multiplayer party games, and we pride ourselves in shipping great games on time and on budget.

Four months after being founded we published our first self-developed party game, ACT IT OUT, on PlayStation 4. In late 2016 we brought the title to Nintendo's Wii U. Around this time, Relentless Software (the original studio behind the Buzz! quiz games) closed down, resulting in multiple key team members joining Snap Finger Click. The growing team then created It's Quiz Time, an innovative new quiz game which used phones as controllers, featured an AI quiz host, and high quality machine-generated quiz questions. It's Quiz Time was released in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and still receives yearly content updates.

In the years afterwards we released Awkward, a mature party game, as well as ACT IT OUT XL, a deluxe remaster featuring double the original content. Both titles have been developed internally and were self-published on all major gaming platforms. At the end of 2020 we developed the official Family Feud game, based on the Emmy Award winning TV game show, which was published by Ubisoft. We're incredibly passionate about multiplayer party games, so it only felt natural to explore if physical party games should be part of our strategy: in the 2nd half of 2021 we announced a physical card game version of Awkward which we're planning to make available later for general purchase in 2022.

In March 2022 we released Trivial Pursuit Live! 2, once again published by our friends at Ubisoft, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. The game is based on Hasbro's hugely popular trivia board game, features over 5000 questions, and we're proud to be able to bring this classic to new audiences.

We have several multiplayer party games in development and are looking forward to sharing them with our community and new players all over the world.

Our studio, and its individual team members, are proud to be recognised by:

🏆 The Dynamic Awards, Creative Industries Award, 2022 - Joanna Haslam
🏆 She Plays Games, 100 Most Inspiring Women in the Game Industry, 2022 - Joanna Haslam
🏆 META Games Industry Index, Innovation / Diversity / Longevity, 2022
🏆 British Academy of Film and Television Arts, BAFTA Breakthrough, 2021 - Joanna Haslam
🏆 The Game Awards, Future Class, 2021 - Joanna Haslam
🏆 GamesIndustry.biz, Best Places to Work, 2021
🏆 UK Government (CIC) CreaTech, Ones to Watch, 2021
🏆 MCV/Develop IRL Awards, Lockdown Hero, 2021 - Joanna Haslam
🏆 Technology Innovator Awards, Best Group Entertainment Gaming Platform, 2021
🏆 British Academy of Film and Television Arts, BAFTA Crew, 2020-2021 - Amanda Harris
🏆 WISE Computing Award, 2019 - Joanna Haslam
🏆 DevelopHER Awards, Innovation, 2018 - Awkward, Live Show Twitch Mode

⭐ Digital Technology Leaders Awards, Best Place to Work in Digital (SMEs), 2022
⭐ Game Dev Heroes, Sound Hero, 2022 - Dom Beken
⭐ Game Dev Heroes, Community Hero, 2022 - Flo Burchill
⭐ Think Global Awards, Technology, 2022
⭐ MCV/Develop Women in Games Awards, Technical Innovation, 2022 - Joanna Haslam
⭐ Women in IT Awards, Employer of the Year, 2022
⭐ TechWorks Awards, Disruptive Innovation Award, 2021 - Live Show Twitch Mode
⭐ Sussex Business Awards, Innovation in Business, 2021 - Live Show Twitch Mode
⭐ Technology Product Awards, Pandemic Performance Product, 2021 - Live Show Twitch Mode
⭐ TIGA Awards, Best Social Game, 2021 -
⭐ TIGA Awards, Best Puzzle Game, 2021 - Family Feud
⭐ Women in Tech Excellence Awards, Role Model of the Year, 2021 - Joanna Haslam
⭐ Women in Tech Excellence Awards, Lockdown Legend of the Year, 2021 - Joanna Haslam
⭐ Women in Tech Excellence Awards, Innovator of the Year, 2021 - Joanna Haslam
⭐ DevelopHER Awards, Digital Marketer, 2021 - Florence Burchill
⭐ DevelopHER Awards, Game Development, 2021 - Joanna Haslam
⭐ DevelopHER Awards, Inspiration, 2021 - Joanna Haslam
⭐ Women in IT Awards, Innovator of the Year, 2021 - Joanna Haslam
⭐ Game Dev Heroes, Art + Animation, 2020 - Amanda Harris
⭐ Game Dev Heroes, Game Design, 2019 - Joanna Haslam
⭐ TIGA Awards, Best Start-up, 2018
⭐ TIGA Awards, Best Casual Game, 2018 -
⭐ TIGA Awards, Best Puzzle Game, 2018 -
It's Quiz Time

Services we offer

We don't just develop and publish our own games, we also collaborate with other studios to help bring their games to new platforms and new audiences. We're a licensed developer for all major consoles, PC, and mobile. We use the Unity game engine to develop our games. We have many years of experience and care about delivering a highly professional service.

Our previous work includes porting Mediatonic's Murder by Numbers game to Google Stadia, upgrading 32-bit mobile apps to 64-bit in order to work on modern smartphones, working with PR agencies to use gaming as an advertising tool, and more. We're happy to jump on a quick call if you want to talk, or meet up for a coffee if you're local. Here are some of the services we offer:

Platform Ports

With multiple titles shipped on all major platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Stadia, PC), we're more than comfortable helping out with this.


Do you have an RFP that you'd like us to pitch for? We're happy to create a proposal for your project.


Any other project that you'd like us to work on? Get in touch.