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  • Our Studio
  • James House, 2 Brunswick Terrace, Brighton, BN3 1HN, United Kingdom

Play Games Together. Creating fun experiences for people to play together is our passion. Curious?

We're Snap Finger Click

Based in Brighton, England, our team at Snap Finger Click largely consists of people who originally worked on the BAFTA-winning Buzz!™ quiz franchise. They're experts at creating innovative multiplayer experiences.

Our studio was founded by Martijn van der Meulen and Ed Gladwin in November 2015. Ed and Martijn originally met many years ago when they worked together at Sony PlayStation. They both have long careers in gaming and technology, including stints at Yahoo! and Electronic Arts.

Snap Finger Click is a licensed developer and publisher for Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia titles. Over the years we've successfully shipped multiple games on all major platforms.

Services we offer

We don't just develop our own games, we also frequently work with other developers and publishers. Our background is in developing Unity titles on all major consoles and PC. We have many years of experience in creating local multiplayer games, but are up for any challenge! Here are some of the services we offer:

Platform Ports

With numerous titles shipped on all major platforms, we're more than comfortable helping out with this.


Do you have an RFP that you'd like us to pitch for? We're happy to create a proposal for your project.


Any other project that you'd like us to work on? Get in touch.