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Returning to our Roots

ACT IT OUT! has always been a fan favourite within our community. Whenever we updated the game, we always saw a spike in interest, so we decided to culminate our ideas with ACT IT OUT XL!

We fully remastered the original game and added double the amount of secret phrases to bring the game up to date for 2018.

Interactive Streaming

Seeing players trying to stream ACT IT OUT! with their viewers gave us the idea to create the innovative Live Show mode.

The original ACT IT OUT! is a popular streaming title on PlayStation 4, but most of the streaming community still broadcast from their PC. With so many requests from streamers to bring ACT IT OUT! to Steam, we granted their wishes with ACT IT OUT XL!, adding new and improved features.

The classic console party game is now finally available on PC, and bigger and better than ever. ACT IT OUT XL is an interactive streaming game designed for Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer, and this special XL version comes with almost double the content as the original console game.


In the 'Live Show' mode, you can broadcast your performance to your viewers. Create drawings, act, sing, or make up your own rules to communicate the secret phrases, while your viewers try to guess what it is. No Companion Apps are needed, your viewers type what they think it is in the chat, and the game will know which viewers are giving the right answer and will add the winners to the in-game leaderboards. Choose to play with the in-game content, or you can even make up your own.


Choose from almost 3,000 secret phrases from categories including film, music, sports, theatre, and video games. Do you love drawing, singing, acting and/or describing? Then this is the game for you.


Not just for streaming, you can also play ACT IT OUT XL in the comfort of your living room. Up to 8 players can compete against each other, work in teams, or play cooperatively.


All content has been handpicked for various international audiences. ACT IT OUT XL features English (US/UK/Global), French, Italian, German, Spanish (Latin American/European), Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, and Dutch secret phrases, and has been localised into those languages as well. The game also features some incredibly catchy music, composed and recorded by BAFTA-nominee Dom Beken. And it has cats.

ACT IT OUT XL! A Game of Charades is a new way to play with your friends, and perfect for a great game night!

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