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Family Feud®

Experience the exciting classic gameplay of one of America's hottest gameshows at home now!

Love watching Family Feud? Now you can play it! Step on to the iconic TV stage and compete against other teams to find the most popular responses to more than 1500 official surveys American families answered. The game brings you the classic gameshow experience. Challenge your friends, family, and even other players online in “the Face-off” and try to reach the “Fast-Money” round for a chance to bring the big prize home! Customize your character with a deep range of clothes and accessories to win your matches in style. You are the star of the show!


  • Family Feud
  • Developer: Snap Finger Click
  • Publisher: Ubisoft

  • "With the holidays just around the corner and family gatherings (hopefully) on the horizon, Family Feud is a worthwhile party game to add to your collection." - GameSpew

  • "Our survey says… that Family Feud is actually a pretty good party game, which isn’t surprising given that the It’s Quiz Time developers, Snap Finger Click, are the folks behind it." - TheXboxHub.com


• The Classic Mode is the authentic Family Feud experience. Choose your level of difficulty and take on an AI team who’s just as determined to win the cash prize as you are.

• Get into teams with your family and friends and battle each other in the local multi-player mode Party Battle.

• The Couch vs Couch mode brings the experience online. Take on another team who’s playing from their couch, alone or with your friends!


• The Live Show feature takes the game to popular streaming services, such as Twitch or Youtube Gaming.

• You can also broadcast your game live in the Live Show mode and play with your viewers to your favorite TV-show. Who will be the Feud master?


• Level up by earning experience points and be rewarded with special titles that match your skills.

• Players can spend the virtual cash they won in the different game modes to decorate their character in their favorite style with a deep range of clothes, accessories, and much more!