Snap Finger Click was founded in 2015 by two former PlayStation employees who already had many years of experience in the game industry. Our studio is based in Brighton on the south coast of England. The vast majority of our team consists of the people behind the BAFTA-winning Buzz! quiz franchise.

Our small studio has a highly collaborative approach to development and we're comfortable exploring game concepts and technology that have never been built before. We're not good for people who just want a task list to work through. We actively seek opinionated people who can contribute based on their experience but are also happy to accept it when they're wrong since it gave them the opportunity to learn something new. Your willingness to self-motivate and to push the boundaries are important qualities to us.

We also realise that the game industry has to grow up, so we've put many tools in place to allow for flexible working. Some of us have children, some people can only work remotely, and there are many more scenarios where a 5-days-a-week 9-to-5 approach simply doesn't work. We are incredibly results-driven, as demonstrated by our output so far, so if you think you'd like to apply but are in a non-standard situation then don't let that hold you back. We have a variety of arrangements in place and are open to suggestions.

Current Openings:

We're currently not actively looking for new team members.

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