Customer Support

1 General: I'm a streamer, can I get a free key?

We've got two methods to distribute download keys to streamers. The most common approach is to request keys through Keymailer.

The second approach is to join our official Partner Programme. Check out the Broadcasters page to find out more.

2 General: How do I play your game with my viewers on Twitch / YouTube / Mixer?

We've written a guide to get you started! Just go to the Broadcasters page to find out more.

3 General: I purchased your game but I'd like to get a refund, what do I do?

Refunds happen through the store that you bought the game from. In our experience most stores are quite flexible with giving their customers a refund.

4 General: I read on that some of your Achievements are 'Unobtainable' or 'Discontinued'. Can you fix this?

The website automatically updates its Achievement overview based on when you are looking at the website. For example, if we have an Achievement that only unlocks on a Saturday evening and you're looking at it on a Wednesday, then will list it as 'Unobtainable' or 'Discontinued'. However, when you look at it on a Saturday evening, the Achievement will be listed as being perfectly achievable.

5 ACT IT OUT!: How do I play this game?

ACT IT OUT! is very similar to a classic popular parlour game called acted charades, which is a game of pantomimes. However, not all cultures are familiar with the rules of charades. When you start the game make sure to go to the Help-area to find the rules in more detail.

6 ACT IT OUT!: I don't like the rounds where we have to sing (or draw, or act, or describe). Can I disable those?

Yes, you can. Just go to the game settings, and in there you will find the option to enable or disable certain playtypes.

7 IT'S QUIZ TIME: When I start the game, Salli just waits there and doesn't do anything else. What am I supposed to do?

This bug can happen in occasions where the app wasn't able to save the profile information from one of the players. This can be resolved by making a change to your saved profile on your smart device. Open the app and select the Settings cog in the top-right corner, then select 'Profile Settings'. Select 'Screen Name' and change it to anything else, then go back to save (you can change your name back if you wish when you next start a game).

This must be done for all profiles playing the game.

An alternative option is to clear the app data and its cache. Please check the (online) manual of your phone in order to find out how to do this.

8 IT'S QUIZ TIME: Are there going to be more Event Quizzes, and will we see a Season Pass?

We'd love to, and we're in talks with the publisher of It's Quiz Time (Vision Games) to decide on future updates. Since Vision Games officially owns the game they are the ones who make the final decision on what updates get released. When we know more we'll make sure to announce it on our social media channels and in our Discord.

9 IT'S QUIZ TIME: I want to play the Live Show mode, but it doesn't let my viewers start using the app?

That's correct, your viewers don't need the app. When you select the Live Show option from the menu screen only you have to join the game. The game will then start constantly looking at all viewers in your channel, and will let them play along through the chat.

10 IT'S QUIZ TIME: I noticed the Stream Friendly mode in the game's settings. But what does it do?

Stream friendly mode is an option for players who want to play the game with other players using the companion app, but instead of playing in the living room they play using Twitch, YouTube or Mixer.

When you enable this mode it will give everyone more time to submit their answer from their phones. We also recommend creating a custom playlist in this case, so you can also pick rounds that are more suited for dealing with any stream delays.

11 ACT IT OUT XL!: When will I be able to play this game on my console?

Currently ACT IT OUT XL! is only available on PC, but soon it will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Check out the announcement trailer here, and join our community to find out more.

12 Awkward: Can you please localise the game into more languages?

We receive many requests from people all over the world who would like to see Awkward in their own language. We absolutely would love to do this, and all our other games feature a broad range of languages. However, as you probably know we have an excellent British and an American writer who carefully wrote all the questions in the game. The game has a particular style of humour, and we'd want to find a writer who has the right background to localise the game.

We also have to consider that Awkward is a true indie game, and was created with a very small budget. This means that localising the game in just a few new languages would cost the same as developing a brand new game.

13 Awkward: How old is the answer data that I see after each question?

The data you see to find out how other players have answered is live. Whenever the screen shows up it will start reading the data from our server. Whenever you as a player answer a question your answer will first get anonymised, and then sent to the server.

Is your question not listed here? We have an online community of party game fans who are happy to help, and the Snap Finger Click team hang out in there as well. Click here to check it out. You can also reach out to us on social media!