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  • James House, 2 Brunswick Terrace, Brighton, BN3 1HN, England

It's Quiz Time

From a team of former Buzz!™ quiz developers!

Get your friends together for It's Quiz Time! Use your phone as a controller and prepare yourself to get quizzed by the sassy AI host 'Salli'. Fun for the whole family and suitable for all ages.

  • It's Quiz Time
  • Developer: Snap Finger Click
  • Publisher: Vision Games
  • “It's Quiz Time fills a gap in the market that's been begging for something to fill it since the Buzz games on PS2.” - Daily Star

Guaranteed to give you a great time with friends and family!

IT’S HUGE - Over 30,000 questions and loads of categories make this the largest quiz game ever on console.

EVERYONE CAN PLAY - With so many categories to choose from, there are questions for players of all ages. From cartoons, to video game and movie trivia, and history questions: we’ve got you covered.

NEW WAYS TO PLAY - Up to eight players in total can join in using their smartphone as a controller. Secret information, swiping, connecting: It’s Quiz Time has been designed for smartphones and can be played by everyone.

UNIQUE PERSONALISATION - Salli is the latest in AI-technology. As the quiz host she remembers you, your friends, and how you play.

INTERACTIVE STREAMING - Broadcast your game in the innovative Live Show mode, where you can compete with up to 10,000 viewers.

LOVE A CHALLENGE? - Grab your controller, and take on the Solo Score Attack where you can try and climb the global leaderboards.