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  • James House, 2 Brunswick Terrace, Brighton, BN3 1HN, England

It's Quiz Time

From a team of former Buzz!™ quiz developers!

Get your friends together for It's Quiz Time! Use your phone as a controller and prepare yourself to get quizzed by the sassy AI host 'Salli'. Fun for the whole family and suitable for all ages.

  • It's Quiz Time
  • Developer: Snap Finger Click
  • Publisher: Vision Games
  • “It's Quiz Time fills a gap in the market that's been begging for something to fill it since the Buzz games on PS2.” - Daily Star

Guaranteed to give you a great time with friends and family!

IT’S HUGE - Over 25,000 questions and loads of categories make this the largest quiz game ever on console.

EVERYONE CAN PLAY - With so many categories to choose from, there are questions for players of all ages. From cartoons, to video game and movie trivia, and history questions: we’ve got you covered.

NEW WAYS TO PLAY - Up to eight players in total can join in using their smartphone as a controller. Secret information, swiping, connecting: It’s Quiz Time has been designed for smartphones and can be played by everyone.

UNIQUE PERSONALISATION - Salli is the latest in AI-technology. As the quiz host she remembers you, your friends, and how you play.

INTERACTIVE STREAMING - Broadcast your game in the innovative Live Show mode, where you can compete with up to 10,000 viewers.

LOVE A CHALLENGE? - Grab your controller, and take on the Solo Score Attack where you can try and climb the global leaderboards.

Download It's Quiz Time now and receive the 'BEST OF 2020' Event Quiz for free!