Hello broadcasters! At Snap Finger Click we're very passionate about streaming. We often hear questions from people who are interested in streaming our games but have never done it before, as well as from expert streamers who are interested in building a closer partnership with us. This is the right place to find out more!

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Streamer's Guide:

Our games can be played with others by streaming it to a platform such as Twitch, Mixer or YouTube. Viewers of your channel can join in the Live Show mode and play along with you without needing a console or even a copy of the game!

What is streaming?

Streaming is the process of broadcasting a video live online for others to view and comment on. When streaming your video game, other people can see what you see on the TV screen or monitor. They are able to comment on the game and communicate with you and others as you play. If you have a microphone and/or webcam connected to your gaming system, your viewers are also able to see and hear you.

Live streams can be viewed simply by following a weblink, meaning viewers can watch from any device that can be used to browse the Internet. Most streaming platforms are public, meaning anyone can access your stream by following the URL, however YouTube does support the creation of private streams.

Before you can set-up a stream, you must register an account on the desired platform.

What is Live Show?

Live Show is a special game mode, specifically designed to be streamed online. Your viewers participate in the chat channel, with no need for any app or separate web client. The viewers simply type their guesses directly into the chat. In some games, the host player requires a supported and connected camera to play Live Show (PlayStation®Camera for PS4, Kinect for Xbox One, webcam for PC).

How to Set-Up a Stream

If you’ve never streamed before, you first need to set-up streaming from your console or PC. There are different ways to do this, depending on which platform you’re using.


Using the built-in broadcasting system, you can stream to Twitch, YouTube or Dailymotion. To start streaming, follow these steps:

• Run the game on your PlayStation®4
• Press the SHARE button on the DUALSHOCK®4 controller
• Select ‘Broadcast Gameplay’ from the menu
• Choose the platform you wish to stream to: Twitch, YouTube or Dailymotion (you may need to create a new account if you have not used the service before)
• Before you start your stream, you can manage some settings such as displaying chat and changing the stream quality (more on this below)
• When you’re ready, select ‘Start Broadcasting’
• You will be returned to the game which is now being live streamed

If you have a PlayStation®Camera, you can include picture in picture broadcasting and add sound with the microphone. Note that the PlayStation®Camera is currently required to play Live Show for ACT IT OUT! and It’s Quiz Time.

There are some advanced settings you can change before you begin your PS4 stream. Read more in the PlayStation 4 user’s guide.

Note that when streaming via PlayStation 4’s built-in broadcasting system, certain system functions such as friend messages and trophy unlocks are automatically blocked from viewers.

Xbox One

On Xbox One, you can stream directly from the console to either Mixer or Twitch. Note that the Kinect is currently required to play Live Show for It’s Quiz Time.


To start streaming to Mixer from the Xbox One, follow these steps:

• Run the game on your Xbox One
• Press the XBOX button on the controller
• Select ‘Broadcast Your Game’ from the guide
• Before you start your stream, you can give your stream a name, manage the stream quality, and set-up any Kinect audio and visual options
• When you’re ready, select ‘Start Broadcast’
• You will be returned to the game which is now being live streamed on Mixer


To start streaming to Twitch from the Xbox One, follow these steps:

• First download the free Twitch app from the Xbox Store
• Launch the Twitch app and set it up using your Twitch account details
• Visit to get a code that links your Twitch account and enter it into the app
• Run the game on your Xbox One
• Double tap the XBOX button
• Select ‘Snap’
• Choose the Twitch app to snap
• Before you start your stream, you can give your stream a name, manage the stream quality, and set-up any Kinect audio and visual options
• When you’re ready, select ‘Start Broadcast’
• The game is now being streamed live on Twitch
• You can optionally hide the Twitch app by by double-tapping the XBOX button again


From a PC, you need to use a live streaming/video-mixing application to broadcast your game. There are many to choose from, but popular ones include OBS Studio, XSplit and Wirecast.

For the purposes of this guide, only OBS Studio running on a Windows PC will be detailed here. To start streaming, follow these steps:

• You need to begin by getting your unique stream key. This allows OBS Studio to link directly with your account. Each platform has its own place where this can be found:
> Twitch: Can be found on the Dashboard, under Settings
> Mixer: Can be found under Manage Settings in the stream set-up screen
> YouTube: Go to and you’ll find it at the bottom of the page
> DailyMotion: Set-up a new live stream and enter the basic information; the stream key will be displayed once you generate the stream info
• Right-click OBS Studio from where it can been installed on your PC and select ‘Run as Administrator’.
• Open the File menu and go to Settings.
• Select the Stream tab.
• Choose your desired platform from the drop-down menu and enter your unique stream key.
• Save the changes.
• Run the game on your PC, but keep it running the background for now.
• You now need to set-up your screen layout on OBS Studio. We recommend only broadcasting the window the game is running in, rather than the full desktop. To do this, right-click in the Sources box and choose ‘Add’.
• Select ‘Game Capture’ from the drop-down menu.
• You can enter a name for your source if you like, and select ‘OK’.
• On the next screen, choose ‘Capture Specific Window’ from the drop-down menu.
• On the new ‘Window’ drop-down menu that appears, select the game.
• Change any other Settings you would like for this source, and select ‘OK’.
• You may also set-up other sources to broadcast from here, such as a picture-in-picture webcam view and other apps or overlays you would like to include. Create a new source for each.
• Once you’ve added all the sources you want to broadcast, you’ll see the captures appear in the preview window. You can play around with the size and position of each source until you’re happy with the layout.
• When you’re ready, select ‘Start Streaming’
• The game is now being streamed live on the platform of your choice

Note that you can stream to any platform supported by the live streaming/video-mixing software, but Live Show only works with Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube.

Live Show Support

The Live Show mode can only be streamed to supported platforms where it is possible to read in the viewer chat. The supported platforms are: Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and DailyMotion. It is possible to stream the rest of the game to other platforms including Facebook and Twitter, allowing others to join in using the app (for It’s Quiz Time only) or simply watch.

Using a Capture Card to Stream from a Console

Some people prefer to use a capture card to stream from their console. This allows them to add their own overlays and better customise the layout of their stream. When streaming from Xbox One using a capture card, the same set-up is required as when streaming directly from the console. However, if streaming Live Show from a PlayStation®4, the viewer chat can only be read into the game if you are logged into Twitch or YouTube via the Streaming Settings under Options. Note that you cannot stream Live Show to DailyMotion from a PlayStation®4 using a capture card.

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